When you use this site, a few basic details such as browser type and IP address may be logged as part of standard telemetry details to help diagnose any problems with the site.

If you use this site to convert your Nightscout profile to OpenAPS format in order to run Autotune yourself, no details are logged of your Nightscout URL or profile details.

If you choose to use the option to have the Autotune process run for you on this site, your Nightscout URL and associated profile details extracted from it will be stored, along with the additional details you enter such as your email address, in order to perform the Autotune process and send the results back.

Your data will be held on databases and virtual machines in the cloud, and returned via email. While reasonable efforts will be made to keep this data secure, there can be no guarantees. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not use this site.

Your data will not be shared with anyone else. Some data will be retained in order to diagnose problems and identify if additional processing capacity is needed or if individual users are overloading the system:

Please note that, as a private individual, the requirements of GDPR do not apply to this service. However, if you wish to have any of your data deleted that may be stored, please enter your Nightscout URL and email address here and any associated details will be deleted immediately: